Jul 22, 2008

British Motor Show goes electric with Nice MyCar

The Nice MyCar - a competitor for the G-Wiz - two-seat electric city car will be in sight at the British Motor Show on Wednesday. Designed by Giugiaro design studio and built in Hong Kong, MyCar is being offered with two years’ warranty. What’s really nice about NICE is its running cost that’s very low. Owners would have to pay just about 2p per mile, not to miss; lot depends upon electricity tariff used to charge the automobile. MyCar can achieve 40mph, and around can stay powered for 40 miles between recharges. Specifications include a steel tubular space frame, with fiberglass-reinforced plastic panels, a roll bar, disc brakes, and all round self-regulating suspension. What keep me interested are electric windows and mirrors, a radio/MP3 player, 14″ alloy wheels, remote central locking, and an LCD display; further options include 15″ alloys, cooled/heated seats, a boot rack and even a leather interior. It also has a glass roof or a removable fiberglass roof panel, a forward-folding passenger seat, laptop dock, and most importantly has Bluetooth phone connectivity. You certainly can’t ask for more in just £8,995; what you need to do is wait till autumn; it’s not that distant.

Source: Yankodesign

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