Jul 22, 2008

A futuristic concept vehicle to travel in to the next century!

Any concept vehicle that is designed today on the Cg frames has a very long way to go before it actually transcends in to a bit of a reality. For some apparent reasons such as the language barrier we may not really have as much info about this concept car as we should and that is still fine as this seems to be something that just needs the looks to get its point across. This concept vehicle is designed surely for the tomorrow’s world and is a design that will hit a chord with the young.

It seems to be a three wheeler in a very unique way as the two tires on the front are to the ones on a bicycle and the back one is something that is much smaller offering a better balance and stability to the whole thing. It seems to be a two-seater with not too much of a space for anyone or anything else. Let’s see where this concept ends up at!

Via: Cardesign

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