Jul 22, 2008

Really weird car with welded add-ons

This seems to be a very odd car to say the least and I would have loved to really get a picture of this from the front view but even without one like that, it would be hard not to call it the ‘Armadillo Car’ for the sheer metal work on its back as it reminds me quite a bit of the Armadillo. It also reminds me of the ‘Holiday Armadillo’ episode of Friends where he dresses himself up as one for the sake of his son Ben. Despite how much I really like that whole episode this car is just not to my liking.

While the makers of this car are really proud of the whole welding work put on it and I would not really disagree with them on that as there must have been plenty of painstaking work put on it, it still does not feel an iota like a car that you would really want to parade around in. By the looks of things I am pretty certain that the front of the car would have a giant metal bird beak on it and even that only makes it all the more un-cool.

Unless you are looking for a welder who would really dish out some horrible looking automobiles, it is hard to understand why anyone would want to put this up as their best work. Not a car to really die for!

Via: Toolmonger

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