Jul 23, 2008

Caran Design Concept: A traffic system for 2020!

Mobility in the modern world is acquiring a new meaning each day with people wanting their cars to do stuff and go places unlike any other time in the past. This new and innovative design for Caran Cars in Sweden allows us to use the car both on road and rail. This unique design helps the car charge up while it is on the rail and that charge is used to drive it on road! The concept is sure to be taken warmly to as it not only is luxurious, lavish and stylish but it saves on space and reduces pollution by advocating a green mode of transport.

The car’s front seems more like its back with the headlights placed behind the windscreen and turning off when the light is not really needed making them invisible. The bumper of the car opens up like the door of a flight so that your royal feet get the right landing when you open your door which is more like a hood in this case. The design of the car and the execution coupled with the green intent make the Caran Concept Car a sure success. Let’s just wait for this one to hit both the road and the rail!

Via: Perbrickstad

1 comment:

  1. nice concept.

    its not clear if this design can be made into a module. each module seats 1 person. and more modules can be connected together one behind the other as long as you want like in a train. or only 1 module to the side.