Jul 24, 2008

DIESEL Micro Car Project by Aaron Cardozo

Consistent with DIESEL’s philosophy of Innovation and Individuality, the Micro Car is a visionary vehicle that aims at becoming the transport option of choice for young commuters in the year 2020. Standing at 3 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 1.5 meters tall, the concept created by Aaron Cardozo operates on 4 electric in-wheel motors that are powered by a battery pack underneath the floor. Wheels themselves are hub-less but the motor-brake assembly at the center of each wheel acts as a hub and the entire layout offers better weight balance and a lower center of gravity to the vehicle.

With replaceable panels for the body and the roof bar available in various colors and textures and wheel covers offered in a variety of patterns and materials (transparent/translucent/opaque), users get limitless customization options on the exterior as well as the interior where forward facing seats can be switched over to face the rear.

A combination of denim and leather in the seats and interior trim reflect the true sprit of DIESEL apparel and accessories while a Central Control System(CCS) laced with HVAC system, entertainment system, GPS, and car information system, etc, provides the necessary tech boost to the gen-next drivers. An LCD screen displays vital information on the Center Console which can also be projected on to the windshield as a Heads Up Display (HUD).

The car can be recharged via a regular power outlet or by the energy obtained by regenerative braking, and by solar panels incorporated on the rooftop glass panels. Crafted to be a 2+2, with 2 primary seats as well as 2 jump seats that fold out from the tailgate suitable for adults for short distances or for children, the Micro Car reflects the individualistic spirit of DIESEL in the truest possible way.

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