Jul 23, 2008

The Super Sky Cycle

We just let you saw the Parajet Skycar. Today I saw these pics from gizmowatch, I try to search its owner. Finally I found this flying motorcycle, its name is The Super Sky Cycle by Butterfly LLC, from Oklahoma. The Super Sky Cycle is a cross between a gyroplane with folding rotor blades and a lightweight, three-wheeled motorcycle. Butterfly's president, Neal said. You can dirve it on the road, park in the family garage, and fly through the air. The Super Sky Cycle powered by Rotax 912ULS 100-hp four-stroke engine. which can let you 55 mph in the Highway Speed and a top speed in excess of 100 mph in the flight. You also can purchase it at the website, the SSCycle(912ULS Rotax100hp) for $ 45,995 and SSCycle(Rotax Turbo 115hp) for $ 56,995. More pics check out more.

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