Dec 25, 2008

A360 Concept: Moves on spheres, looks weird

The A360 Concept from designer Huynh Ngoc Lan looks like a crossbreed between a UFO and some stealth fighter jet. Not that the concept is bad, it is just sort of weird. The triangular body has a panoramic glass roof, then there is the camera system on the exteriors that works to provide the driver with additional feedback. The car moves on three spheres, not wheels, which actually makes some sense considering that it is capable of moving in any direction on the ground.

Since the wheels are spherical, they need not move as the car makes a radical change in angle. To settle well with the new direction, the cabin is capable of a full rotation. To accommodate these functions, the steering wheel has undergone a bit of a change. A control ball takes the role of a steering wheel, with integrated functions for right, left and rotation.

Via: Local Motors