Jan 11, 2009

Lexus Enform will make cars speak and spam

Lexus is set to reach out to its customers, in a more personal way. Lexus vehicles this year will come installed with a new system called Lexus Insider, a part of the Enform gadget package. The system will be used to convey voice messages from the company to the vehicles, like tips and suggestions, but Lexus has decided to leave any marketing related messages out for now.

While the automaker sees the move as a means of delivering “highly targeted” messages, many analysts think its nothing more than “verbal spam.” These messages will be available once a user starts the engine, much like mails. Lexus says the system will be available only for drivers willing to participate, so it does not sound much like spam, but even in that case, the success for this system appears to be very, very difficult.

Via: USA Today