Dec 28, 2008

Faralli & Mazzanti’s Vulca, An Ultimate In Exotic Luxury

For those of you who think Ferraris and Lamborghinis are a little too common, then the Italian exotic auto builder Faralli & Mazzanti might have just the answer. The team of reserachers, designers and engineers at the company have produced only 10 numbered examples of their eye-catching Etruscan -inspired Vulca S Coupe with an unbelievable attention to detail.

The car priced at a whopping $390,000, is named after the famous Etruscan sculptor Vulca da Veio known for his artistice expressions of the mysterious and ancient population of Etruscan world, including the “Apollo di Veio”. It constitutes a lightweight, hand beaten all-aluminum body that is fashioned such that it look all “sinous, modern, elegant yet aggressive in style”.

If you look under the hood, you will find a powerful and reliable engine that is indeed part of the latest generation in technology. So much so that an exhilarating driving experience is assured. Yes, after all, the 5.8-liter V10 engine gives 600 HP. The interior has diamond stitched leather with a luxe wood trim.

Via seriouswheels